The project involved several partners, who took part in developing the workshop content and structure, in addition to PhD students who particpated in the workshops. Below are several testimonies :

Project partners :

Dieter Sator, Human Resources Vice-President of Hilti Corporation, provides a testimony of the programme’s effectiveness :

Alberto de Marco, Professor at Politecnico di Torino, talks about the mini-version of the workshop they plan to implement at his institution :

PhD Partipants :

Xavier Bellsola Olba

“The fit-for-industry workshop gives you a glimpse of what it can be like to work in a company. During one week, there is no time to think about anything else than continuously self-assessing yourself to identify personal strengths and weaknesses. Several activities in different groups were performed during each of the days, with strong focus on team dynamics. The multidisciplinary and international group was the perfect environment to carry out all the activities, and get to know each other. The presence of several experts, both from industry and universities, gave us the opportunity to ask any question related to working in industry, as well as, to receive feedback from different points of view. Moreover, their availability for discussions during the workshop was remarkable.

The workshop was a great experience that I strongly recommend to PhDs who are willing to work in industry or who are not yet sure about their career path.”

Adam Head

“Experts from industry/academia shared their knowledge through various business games and creative thinking exercises. We all worked together in order to refine competences (communication, networking, ect.) that the experts identified as being the key elements of successfully performing in an industrial setting. The best part of the workshop were the spontaneous oral presentations, which we had to prepare within a limited amount of time. The games and experts took us outside of our comfort zone in order to show us how to promote self-development.

It wasn’t all learning tricks and hints though! We had several amazing opportunities to visit Lyon during the evening. Activities such as a guided walking tour to a well-organised networking event in a 28 level skyscraper added so much to the workshop. Here we had the opportunity to listen to experiences from a recently graduated PhD and his career path to industry and entrepreneurship. On another day we ate delicious French food with the industrial representatives in a quaint, relaxed restaurant in old Lyon.

Lucia Azzini

“The Fit for Industry workshop was very useful for PhDs personal development. The full immersion in a dimension that is different from the academic one allows you to better understand personal skills and abilities. The structure of the course makes all the participants interact with each other. Moreover, self-reflection activities help you to focus on your personal strengths and, most of all, weaknesses. Additionally, the presence of PhD candidates from all over the world gives a very interesting intercultural environment in which to work.”

Below is an example of competencies PhD workshop participants decided they needed to work on, with an increasing font indicating growing importance.

Key competencies candidates want to improve