After a year of research and discussions by the task force comprising the universities, companies and regional partners, and critically reviewing the literature, local/national practices and needs for companies in industry, it was decided that several core competencies would comprise the crux of the training programme. After students took part in the first workshop at INSA-Lyon (France), several refinements were made to the workshop programme based on participants’ feedack, and the experts’ analysis and assessment of how the various activities met their aim and objectives. Several adjustments were made, and incoporated into the second workshop in Torino.

At the end of the second workshop at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), participating students would be able to :

1) self-assess their strengths, weaknesses and expectations

2) gain an understanding of what is needed by industry and setting expectations from industrial and academic viewpoints

3) experience different roles and relations with others during team activities, understand their own team behaviour, and respond to individual feedback/self-reflect and adapt performance

4) gain new skills in how to approach situations using different methodologies and associated tools

5) learn to interact with change and cause-effect relationships

6) gain an ability to use research to produce a commercially-viable product , and how to introduce customer-centricity into research to meet user needs and create value

7) understand what defines a company’s innovation and purpose in line with its mission statement

8) set goals for personal future development and growth.