The aim of the PEP-UP project is to identify the main features of PhD education programmes, which are required by industry. These need to be emphasised to make engineering PhD graduates more prepared for employment in industry and more able to use their talents and training for the benefit of the economy, regions and society. They would be made aware of possible career paths in industry which makes best use of their doctoral skills.

Eight leading technical universities in Europe, with the contribution of two European major companies and a regional government authority will share experiences, create a task force and develop new tools to provide a more favourable context considering these alternative careers paths for PhD within companies. This is expected to lead to the design of a curriculum, and then implementing it initially within the project University partners. Moreover, a new European dialogue involving universities, companies and regional government would enable an increase in awareness amongst individual participants. Bringing together students, teaching staff from participating organisations as well as other relevant experts and professionals from the private sector would contribute to a closer dialog and a better awareness of the environment, the labour context and its needs.

Several dissemination actions such as the web-portal, multiplier events, workshops, journals and other published means will have a definitive impact on future curricula for PhD students and promote and sustain the results of this project. The main training for the students will be 2 intense one-week residential workshops for students; one at INSA-Lyon (France) in February 2016 and the second one at Politecnico di Torino (Italy) in February 2017.